sanmarinovlag    03-04 march 2018 

Saterday on the San Marino show
Bonnie Brown: Best of Breed
Kevin di Prisconte: best of opposite sex

03 and 04 of march 2018 it was the superb organized San Marino dog show.
 San Marino is an independent state inside of Italy near the city of Rimini. It is held on a pleasant and enjoyable exhibition ground. The popularity of the show combined with the fact that the ground is not too big, results in a show that is fully booket already before the end of the first entry and many of the application requests can not be honoured. It is a show for the happy few, who subsribed just in time. I was there as one of the invited "guidici" to judge their dogs. You can imagine that under this limit the quality is not always there, but to be there is not enough to get a title. I had many breeds to do and In some breeds i had no excellent dogs at all, so I had to stay alert in my work. I had a small amount of  dobermanns and luckily there were very excellent ones to award with CAC. So my best of breed was the beautiful brown girl Bonnie Brown (Italico del Fiorsilva - Doris Dea del Rio Bianko)  and the Best of Opposit sex was Kevin di Prisconte ( Pocho di Prisconte - Pride of Russia Chervona Ruta).  

Bonnie Brown - Best of Breed Ⓒ San Marino dog show 


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